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pharmaceutical talcs

talchi farmaceutici, talchi per farmacie, talchi cosmetici



The Mineral IM.ES.CO company in Affi, in the Province of Verona, operates in the sector concerning the production of a range of types of pharmaceutical and cosmetic talcs characterised by their absence of dangerous asbestos minerals.


In pharmacies, talc is used as a carrier agent in the basis of medical powders. Its function is predominantly to provide a disinfectant, astringent, anti-itching or cooling effect. And that’s not all, it can be used as a lubricant in pill manufacturing. The Mineral IM.ES.CO company produces pharmaceutical and cosmetic talcs in strict compliance with the leading manufacturing standards defined in the monographs and tables of the Official Pharmacopoeia in order that we always guarantee exceptionally pure and safe products to our customers. Sterilisation takes place by gamma radiation and together with other workings make it hypoallergenic and free of fibres. Every talc has a specific particle size and is delivered to customers in cardboard packs and pallets.


Our company deals in a range of talcs amongst which SMT, CBC and ES-D. The latter have a very high index of purity and a controlled bacteria load of less than 10 ufc/gram. The ES-D talc fully complies with the Eur Pharm specifications and has a whiteness degree equal to 94 Y. For the cosmetic sector, in particular, we supply talcs with high brightness level indices.

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